About Us

Based in Wisconsin, products from The Tipsy Narwhal come from a home filled with two dogs, a cat, three kids, chaos, and most of all love. 

I grew up with art being a big focus in my life.  I was that girl whom had a room filled with drawings and an assignment book filled with doodles and to-dos. I left college with a degree in Biology, a husband, and a hole in my heart where art once lived. It wasn't until the premature arrival of my twins, that I reconnected with my creative self.

It's through this reconnection that I started what would become The Tipsy Narwhal.  As a busy mom, I found it possible to express my creativity daily through planning. No longer was I limited to creating only when I found myself with a free afternoon or weekend. 

The Tipsy Narwhal was "born" in 2019 through the incredible support of my friends and family.  I started on Etsy as a printable shop, and slowly grew to offer sticker kits and eventually moved on to my own site. 


It is truly a privilege to share my love of art and planning with everyone.  I strive to create an environment where everyone can find something that speaks to their aesthetic.  A place where everyone can celebrate what makes them unique and express themselves fully and freely.